About Sarah

Sarah has been fine-tuning her skills as an artist from an early age.  Sarah’s love of creating art comes from a life long passion.  Sarah has many pieces hang on living room walls within private collections. Sarah had a exhibition called Paper Cuts  at Gallery in the Grove, in September 2009.  She is currently working towards a show for May 2011, titled Drawn from Nature.
Whether sketching, painting or paper cutting, Sarah has a keen eye for detail and an ability to evoke an emotional response through her art. Sarah’s latest work demonstrates that there is indeed “beauty in simplicity”. Her paper cutting pieces capture an amazing depth of beauty, created with a simple cutting tool. Sarah finds the inspiration for her latest works of art in nature.
This young talented artist is hoping to turn her passion for art into a full-time pursuit. She continues to be inspired to create by the images she sees in everyday life; the beauty of a garden in bloom, a park, or in the story written on a person’s face.

E-mail me at sarah.macmillan@live.com